Gis Features

We've got a lot of features, here are some more Features that exceeds your expectations

Become a Provider

How its Work

How to Download

Available on IOS and Android, for both, users and providers, Gis makes the job requests be done as close as a push of button.

How to Login

Users and providers are requested to sign up to Gis, prior any work request, where both customers and providers will provide few informations, like name and password, or company info, with a facebook and google log in availability. There will be a verification process for both, making sure that account is not misused.


Work requests can be done by using GIS’s special features with picture upload availability and short explanation on what needs to be done. Then user will either choose the way he wants to go: to give the offer or to get estimate for the job he is requesting. The request will go to all available providers near by. Upon getting responses of the providers, from a special list of all responses, users will be able to choose the one that they want to go with.


With Gis, providers have an option to offer one or multiple services to users at the time. In other words, they can be provider of lawn services only, or lawn services and plumbing work. Upon receiving request from the users, with a unique GIS features, providers will be able to respond very effectively and precisely, they may choose to accept/deny the offer of the user, or to make their offers back to users depending on how they want to be paid or how the job can be done, like job estimate rate, or to offer diagnosis, or it may be hourly rate or per mileage, all depending of the job request of the user. All process is instant, meaning users and providers will be able to assign the job service immediately.